Appealing Denied Disability Benefits In Michigan

Injury or illness is preventing you from working. You need Social Security Disability benefits, but the Social Security Administration, an administrative law judge and the Appeals Council have all denied these benefits. At this point, it may feel like the only options left are to either re-file your claim or just give up. There is another way — a way that could lead to the benefits you need.

The first step is to contact the law firm of Daryl C. Royal. We focus on federal court appeals — typically referred to as "civil actions" by the Social Security Administration — for denied Social Security Disability benefits. We are located in Dearborn, Michigan, and serve those throughout the Detroit metro area and beyond. Our goal is to get your case reheard, without having to start all over.

You Can Be Awarded SSDI Or SSI Benefits After Multiple Denials

Daryl C. Royal has a proven track record handling federal appeals of SSDI and SSI claims. He knows the trends and what to look for when preparing a case to go before a federal judge. Even if your disability claim was previously denied, it is still possible to win in federal court and have your case sent back for a new decision. In rare cases, a federal judge may even send your case back with instructions to award benefits.

In terms of legal costs, we understand you may have been working with another attorney up until this point. We will work with your previous attorney in order to make sure we have all the information on your denials. However, you will not have to pay double attorney fees.

We Will Review Your Case For Free

It is in your best interest to have a lawyer look over your case after a denial. Starting from the beginning by re-filing a claim means fewer benefits if you win, because the award only goes back to the date of the last decision. Daryl C. Royal will review your case for free. Call us at 313-769-9121 or contact us online to set up a case evaluation.