About Daryl C. Royal’s Approach To Federal Court Appeals

Daryl Royal first started practicing law in the early '80s and has been in solo practice for 30 years. Throughout his career, he has handled cases in many different areas of law, including personal injury and workers' compensation appeals, even co-authoring the book, "Worker's Compensation in Michigan: Law and Practice." These days, his focus is on federal court appeals for Social Security Disability benefits.

While we do have a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere at our Dearborn law firm, Daryl is tough and thorough in court. Spending the past several years handling SSD appeals, the judges know that he is not only prepared, but he is willing to continue to fight for the rights of those who deserve disability benefits. He is not afraid to continue to bring a case back to the federal courts, if that's what it takes.

"Everybody who loses should at least have their case reviewed by a lawyer. I'm willing to look at the cases in detail — at no charge — in order to determine if a person's case is one of those cases that should go further." — Daryl C. Royal

Research And Federal Court Experience You Can Trust

A high level of experience is what sets our firm apart. We have access to the research and resources that are necessary to build a solid case. This is our firm's main focus, which means we stay on top of legal changes and federal court trends, using this information to better argue that our clients deserve disability benefits.

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While some attorneys will suggest re-filing after a denial, we often advise pushing forward with an SSDI or SSI appeal, so you do not forfeit years of benefits. Awards will only go back to the most recent decision. Call us at 313-769-9121 or fill out our online contact form to get in touch with our law firm.